Thursday, 9 April 2015

SF Visions from SNOLab

So what's SNOLab? I'm reliably informed that it's an underground science laboratory specialising in neutrino and dark matter physics, which is located in the Vale Creighton Mine located near Sudbury in Ontario, Canada. It's also where my brother works on the physics experiment, which is the subject of his PhD. When I saw pictures taken by him and a colleague on the experiment, I was struck by how much the lab resembled an SF film set.

Frank Meier, Deap

Frank Meier, Halo

Frank Meier, Miniclean

Robert Stainforth, Cyropit

Robert Stainforth, SNOLab Drift

If you want to know more, SNOLab was recently featured in the BBC's Horizon series, in an episode called 'Dancing in the Dark - The End of Physics?'

To view more photos, including additional ones taken at SNOLab, visit Frank Meier's Flickr account here:

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